Our Values

The sturdy-rooted Acacia Albida tree is widespread in semi-arid Africa and revered in most parts of the continent. The hand-sketched tree in our logo represents stability, nurturing, prosperity and, above all, our commitment to being a fair, principled and responsible player in our physical, social and business spheres of influence. The colours are reminiscent of brilliant sunsets in the Zambezi Valley where this tree flourishes, with the sketchy artwork suggesting an approach respectful of every venture’s individuality.

Our core values at Africa Albida Tourism are:

Prosperity and benefit for all stakeholders

Conservation and enhancement of natural resources

Integrity and professionalism

Product and service excellence

We believe that our success is based on an untiring quest for quality and exclusivity, coupled with a desire to create employment, enhance the living standards of local communities and develop mutually beneficial partnerships with all stakeholders.

Founders – Dave Glynn and Ross Kennedy

Dave Glynn - Chairman

Dave Glynn – Executive Chairman

The son of a local businessman, Dave took over his father’s well-known business, Glynn’s Bolts, when he returned from the UK in his mid-twenties with a Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators (CIS) qualification and went on to build the company into the largest fastener distribution business in the country.   With an entrepreneurial mind and a passion for his country, he then branched out and spearheaded tourism initiatives in Zimbabwe, playing a significant role in putting Zimbabwe on the tourism map. He pioneered the timeshare industry in Zimbabwe, and co-pioneered inbound safari tourism through Wild Africa Safaris and Green Route, the first incentive travel destination management company in Zimbabwe.

Dave is well known as an innovator in the tourism industry and for his lasting impact on the Zimbabwean hospitality sector. He was the driving force in the formation of the Africa’s Eden Tourism Association (a regional, membership-driven destination marketing association for the tourism sector in Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe) and currently serves as its chairman.

He was a founding member of the Harare Chapter of the Young Presidents Organisation (YPO) in 1994, holding Chapter Chairman and Education Chairman positions.  He was also a founder member of the Harare Chapter of the World Presidents Organisation (WPO) in 2008 and is also a past Chairman and past Africa Regional Board member, as well a past Vice Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Rugby Union.

Email Dave – padirectors@africaalbida.co.zw

Ross Kennedy – Director

Ross has been at the helm of Africa Albida Tourism since its very beginnings and is also a leading figure in Zimbabwe’s tourism industry.

The recipient of numerous accolades, Ross is one of Zimbabwe’s finest hoteliers and has made an outstanding contribution to the growth and development of Zimbabwe’s travel and tourism sector.

He is an Honorary Fellow of the African Travel and Tourism Association (ATTA), having retired as Chairman in 2017, at the end of his term. ATTA is an organisation that promotes tourism to Africa from all corners of the world and is recognised as the voice of African Tourism. Ross was the first Africa-based chairman in the history of ATTA.

Ross is also a Fellow of the Institute of Travel & Tourism, a member of the Institute of Hospitality as well as a founder and trustee of the Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit.

Ross is a trusted voice in Zimbabwe’s tourism landscape, and is often featured in magazine and newspaper articles, both in Zimbabwe and internationally, speaking on current issues relevant to the destination.

He learned his trade at South Devon Technical College in England, before beginning his career at the Jameson Hotel in Harare, and then going on to operate hotels, pubs, and restaurants in the United Kingdom.  It was during this time that an old friend, Dave Glynn, called to say he had found a piece of land for a possible development in Victoria Falls, and invited Ross to become involved as the hotelier in the project.

Ross jumped at the opportunity to return home, and the rest is history.

Email Ross – padirectors@africaalbida.co.zw

Ross Kennedy - Director
Nigel Frost - Managing Director

Nigel Frost – Managing Director

Nigel brings a unique blend of financial acumen and technological savvy to his role.

A Chartered Accountant by profession who has vast experience in the financial services and tourism industries, Nigel joined Africa Albida Tourism in 2008 as Finance and Operations Director, before being appointed Managing Director in 2023.

Nigel has played a pivotal role in steering Africa Albida Tourism towards sustained growth and success, and under his expert guidance the group successfully navigated the challenging years of the Covid-19 pandemic to emerge stronger and ready to take on ambitious plans for further development.

Nigel’s deep appreciation for technology is evident in his forward-thinking approach to business.  He understands the profound impact of technology and believes in its ability to enhance operational efficiency and improve guest experiences.

Email Nigel – padirectors@africalbida.co.zw

Anald Musonza – Head of Sales and Marketing

Anald’s career in the tourism sector spans over two decades, during which he has refined his skills in all aspects of hospitality management. His dedication to excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction as well as his genuine passion for promoting tourism in Zimbabwe and Victoria Falls have solidified his reputation as a respected industry professional.

He is a past chairperson of the Hospitality Association of Zimbabwe (HAZ) Matabeleland North chapter and was instrumental in providing leadership to the Victoria Falls community throughout the toughest two years of the history of the destination during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Having previously served as the General Manager of the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge estate, Anald brings firsthand experience and a deep knowledge of the region to his current role.

With his boundless enthusiasm and strategic vision, Anald is driven by a love for the destination, and he tirelessly promotes Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls and Africa Albida Tourism’s exceptional experiences.

Email Anald – anald@africaalbida.co.zw

Anald Musonza - Head of Sales and Marketing
Andy Conn - Group Operations Manager

Andy Conn – Group Operations Manager

With a wealth of experience in managing 5-star resorts spanning three decades, Andy is a seasoned professional renowned for his exemplary leadership, dedication to excellence and commitment to the highest standards of hospitality.

Throughout his career, Andy has honed his expertise in every facet of hotel management, from guest services to operational efficiency. His keen eye for detail, natural ability to connect with people and his genuine hospitality ethic have earned him widespread recognition and respect within the industry.

Among Andy’s most notable achievements is his instrumental role in the establishment of the group’s Victoria Falls Safari Spa, which opened in November 2022. With his visionary leadership and expertise, Andy played a pivotal role in bringing this oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation to life, while firmly establishing Victoria Falls as a wellness destination.

Email Andy – andyc@africaalbida.co.zw

Victor Saurombe – Estate General Manager

Victor’s extensive experience in the industry spans over two decades, and his career has been marked by a passion for excellence.

His dedication and hard work led him to serve as the Deputy General Manager (Food and Beverage Operations) at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge from 2012 to 2018, where he played a key role in elevating the lodge’s culinary offerings.

Seeking new challenges and opportunities for growth, Victor spread his wings to take on the role of Hotel Operations Manager at Meikles Hotel in Harare from 2018 to 2023.  His tenure there further enriched his knowledge and leadership capabilities, preparing him for his return to the Africa Albida Tourism family in his current role as General Manager of Victoria Falls Safari Lodge estate.

Victor is highly driven to achieve results, and brings strong analytical, planning and organisational skills to his role.

Email Victor – gm@saflodge.co.zw

Victor Saurombe - Estate General Manager
Nommy Vuma - Group Marketing and PR Manager

Nommy Vuma – Group Marketing and PR Manager

Having started off with the group as Guest Services Manager at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge in 2004, Nommy joined the group’s marketing department in 2009, and is currently the Group Marketing and PR Manager.

Nommy’s journey with Africa Albida Tourism is a testament to her enduring commitment to the hospitality industry, and it has been marked by her diligent efforts to showcase Victoria Falls and the Africa Albida portfolio through innovative marketing strategies and PR campaigns.

As a member of both the Marketers’ Association of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Institute of Public Relations, Nommy brings an abundance of experience to her role.  Her keen eye for detail is essential in ensuring that the group’s marketing and PR initiatives are impactful and aligned with the organisation’s goals.

Passionate about corporate social responsibility and sustainability, Nommy communicates the group’s commitment to responsible tourism practices, highlighting its efforts to minimize environmental impact, support local communities, and promote wildlife conservation while also inspiring travellers to engage in responsible travel practices.

Email Nommy – nommy@africaalbida.co.zw